Lawrence Rothman Shares “Wolves Still Cry” Video, Announces Debut Album


L.A. musician Lawrence Rothman has released a new video, with multiple actors playing the artist’s “nine physical and emotional alters.” The video comes in conjunction with the announcement of Rothman’s debut album, The Book of Law. 

Rothman’s not-particularly-known career has, thus far, already featured collaborations with Angel Olsen, Kim Gordon, Active Child and Charli XCX, and the upcoming album comes with its share of musical guests, from Olsen to Marissa Nadler to Kristin Kontrol to…Guns N’ Roses. The video, for the track “Wolves Still Cry” was directed by Bowie collaborator Floria Sigismondi, who most recently did Perfume Genius’ divine “Die 4 U,” in which Mike Hadreas did a sensual dance for an audience of a blob.

Alongside the announcement, in a statement posted on The Beat Juice, Rothman discussed the thematic origins of the album, particularly the realization and manifestations of the desire to escape the gender binary:

When I started this record I was in denial, burrowing myself very deep into a confused and dark corner of my psyche. I was in the midst of trying to recover from a mental breakdown (that actually began in a car parked outside a Costco parking lot in Burbank, CA of all damn places after a long candid phone call with my midwest based estranged father). After a lengthy conversation he refused to accept how I see myself when I look in the mirror. In his world, what I confessed to him is not exactly “the status quo” or excepted. This is what my father drilled into me since my early teen years when I was experimenting with my appearance. In 2014 in that Costco parking lot for once in my life after many years of depression and confusion I had vocalized the fact that I am gender fluid and don’t identify as any gender…In order to be free as an artist and human, I wish to exist as a person without the confines of normal gender binary. I dress and exist how I wish, remaining happily married to my wife. My body is just a vessel for my inner being (sorry if that sounds cheesy, or whatever- but my guard has been tucked away long ago.) My only outlet to keep myself above ground was music and film.

In the statement, Rothman mentions Arthur Russell as one of the influences on the album — and that’s particularly apparent in various elements of “Wolves Still Cry.” Watch/listen:

Here’s the album art for The Book of Law:

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