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    Why Do Superhero Movies Always Climax Too Quickly?

    Maybe it’s simply a case of vertigo projection, but for my money, Spider-Man: Homecoming features the best action set piece of the year thus far – hell, one of the best I’ve encountered in a comic book movie. Our hero and his friends are on a class trip to Washington, D.C., and like you do […]

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    The Faces of Drug Addiction: Haunting Mugshots Show the Physical Toll Cocaine and Heroin has on a person’s body

    These haunting series of mugshots show the devastating physical toll illegal drugs can have on the body. The men and women pictured have all been charged with possession of drugs including cocaine, heroin and narcotics repeatedly over various years. Their shocking mugshots shed light on each person’s gradual physical decline from when they were first […]

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    The Real Divorce Rate in America – 93%

    Lies, lies, and more lies have been told about the divorce rate in America. “OH, the divorce rate is 50% a year, so I got a 50-50 chance of making it a go” No way, no how. The reality is not nearly as black and white as this heavily understood, and misrepresented number has led […]

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    The Trailer for ‘The Wound’ Suggests a Gripping Meditation on Sexuality, Masculinity, and Tradition

    When the South African film The Wound screened at Sundance, Variety critic Guy Lodge noted its “sensitiv[ity] to the hard taboo that homosexuality remains in black South African culture,” saying that its “sexually frank depiction of [it] marks it as something of a milestone in the country’s cinema,” and the Hollywood Reporter review by Sheri Linden called it “a troubling portrait of the […]

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    Netflix’s ‘To the Bone’ is a Powerful Story Told from the Inside Out

    The thing about Ellen is that no one’s going to get through to her, because she think she’s got it figured out. “I’m maintaining,” she insists, and that’s the best she can offer. “I’ve got it under control. Nothing bad is gonna happen.” And she says that so convincingly, as her cheeks get more hollow […]

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    Police Lose Control of K-9 as it Ferociously Attacks Man in Handcuffs!

    SAN DIEGO — A video has emerged of a San Diego police dog with its jaws clamped onto a handcuffed suspect’s arm. The video was filmed by passerby Angel Nunez on Sunday. He posted it to Facebook and said something definitely seemed wrong with the picture. It took more than 30 seconds for the dog […]